Mission Trips

Another Child Foundation is excited to announce our 2017 mission trip dates. They are:

June 7-18

June 21-July2

July 5-16

July 19-30

October 18-28

More detailed information will be coming in the very near future. So keep your eyes open.

Another Child Foundation offers mission trip opportunities for individuals and church groups to Romania several times a year. These exciting trips give people a chance to meet the children and families that ACF assists. Mission teams come together as a united group to bring HOPE & JOY to the orphaned and disadvantaged children of Romania. This life-changing event is designed to enhance the spiritual side of each person traveling with ACF. During the trip, relationship building is the most important opportunity we have with these children. Though we are with the children for only a week, bonds will form quickly with the children and teenagers.  They are open to Christ’s love in you! Please use this opportunity to pray for each child and share the love of Christ.


The Mission Trip Experience

The Mission Trip experience plays an important role in how we Christians look at the world. When we move outside of our local ministry there is a better chance in which our eyes will be opened. Then and only then will we see the world as God sees the world. With our eyes wide-open we then find the call that God has planned for each of us. The teams that travel across the world to be His hands and feet will be blessed in so many great ways. These life-altering trips transform the lives and hearts of the children we touch as well as the hearts of team members. The all-inclusive nature of the mission trip will leave the participants able to enjoy the culture, children, and others that make the trip a fulfilling experience. Life-long friendships from across the world will also be forged during this great week of ministry.




Anyone 16 years and older who is medically fit to travel is eligible to join us on a mission trip. Children younger than 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, family member or an appointed guardian.

Passports & Immunizations

All people traveling with ACF must have a legal US passport 30 days prior to departure. At this time no immunizations are required to travel to Romania. We do suggest that you visit your personal physician for personal recommendations and also visit the Center of Disease Control website for additional information.

Medical Restrictions

Traveling abroad can be a workout. All persons traveling with ACF must be of sound physical health and have any physical limitations noted on the Mission Trip application. Another Child Foundation recommends that all trip participants have a physical before traveling overseas.

Safety & Security

Some amount of risk always exists when you choose to travel overseas. We take every precaution to ensure the safest trip possible. We consult state travel advisories and in-country ground staff, train the trip participants to be cautious, and pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.



"Going to Romania changes you! I, being sixteen, have gone twice, and both times a piece of my heart has stayed there. The love that these children show is incredible! We go to give to them, but they give just as much back to us."             Josie Lind- 2015


"I am still in AWE of how God has blessed me, by calling me on this ACF Mission trip!  I never could've imagined the outpouring of Love, given so freely and so generously by these beautiful children!  So humbled and grateful I am, that our hearts are bound together forever in the Love of Christ!  This experience has opened my eyes, and certainly has changed my life!"     Donna Von Holten--2015